Ellie not only helps you set your goals and get you in the right mindset, but she also gives you the ‘how to’ on setting out your own personal meal plans and how to workout your ideal calories and protein targets.

The best part ... has been learning how i can be self sufficient in my choices and goals without feeling like I’m overwhelmed with unanswered questions.
— tiffany - 7 day online challenge
Since working with Ellie’s support, I have lost over 8kg (without ever feeling like I’m on a diet or like I’m starving myself)! She has helped me change my mindset towards food and exercise, so now it is second nature to make healthy choices. The biggest change is it feels like it’s a change for life!

Through incredible support, goal setting, and helping me step by step to understand how to reach my goals, Ellie has helped me change my lifestyle to a more positive, happy and healthy one.
— emily - online life coaching
...Ellie really helped me at a time when i was physically and mentally at one of my lowest points to bring back some self esteem and physical strength. I can not thank her enough for helping me and can not recommend her more highly...
— Erin - personal training

I have a significant scoliosis ...pilates with Ellie has made such a difference in increasing my range of motion and reducing back pain.
— Susie - pilates

The boxing sessions are my favourite part the week, so much fun!
— pauline - womens boxing

Ellie has made this journey really easy and I cannot wait to continue. I would recommend Lillako to anyone who would like to lose weight or generally just get fit
— tara - online personal training

I would highly recommend Lillako Coaching to anyone that wants to get fit and lose weight. Ellie is so encouraging and supportive. She is great at motivating people and tailor made my workout to really fit in to my busy lifestyle.
— Bianca - personal training