Terms & Conditions

By using LillaKo services, or engaging with LillaKo, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.


All LillaKo special offers have an expiry date which is communicated to you at time of purchase. All offers are not transferrable and not refundable.


LillaKo loves you spreading the word! Each time you refer a new client to LillaKo you will both receive 1 x complimentary group fitness pass. This has an expiry of 4 weeks from the new clients date of purchase.

Bookings, Attendance & Payment

Clients with pre-paid sessions may attend classes without booking, however bookings will take priority. In the instance there are too many people for a class, those without bookings will be regretfully turned away.

You will be contacted via email, text, phone or facebook if a class is cancelled. Classes will proceed with one participant.

Bookings are to be made via the LillaKo website, facebook, text, email or phone. Your booking will not be processed until you receive confirmation. Payment must be made prior to any services/sessions/classes going ahead.

Pregnancy and bubs

Pregnant women may train up to and including their 15th week.

It is your responsibility to inform LillaKo when you are pregnant. This information will not be disclosed to any other party in accordance with the LillaKo Privacy Policy. After this, they may attend private sessions only. If you have not been engaging in regular physical activity prior to pregnancy, group training will not be appropriate.

All pregnant women must submit the “LillaKo Pregnancy Fitness” form when commencing training at LillaKo. It is important to keep LillaKo informed of any changes, concerns or contraindications which arise during pregnancy.

Post pregnancy, a “LillaKo Post-natal Fitness” form must be submitted prior to commencing any training. No training is to be undertaken at LillaKo prior to the 6 week checkup.

As part of LillaKo’s commitment to mums, babies and children are welcome at many sessions, however it may not be practical in all cases. Private sessions will be assessed on an individual basis.

All children and babies present must be supervised by you at all times, LillaKo takes no responsibility for minding children and babies during sessions.

Ellie McMahon holds a national police check, working with children check, first aid, cpr and is a qualified and practicing paramedic. She is not a qualified childcare worker.


No-shows will result in a lost session. No exceptions. A 12 hour cancellation policy applies to all sessions.

LillaKo reserves the right to cancel or change classes.


LillaKo has a no refund policy. All packages and sessions are transferrable to another suitable candidate, excepting special offers. These must be used by the purchaser.

Payment Policy

Payment must be received by LillaKo prior to sessions taking place. Payment may be made via direct debit, credit card, bank transfer or cash.

Personal Agreement

By booking in to any session, you understand and agree that LillaKo claims no responsibility for your belongings during sessions. This includes indoor and outdoor sessions or initial consultations.

Physical exercise can be strenuous and carries a risk of physical injury and death. I understand that LillaKo operates within a scope of practice and with my safety in mind. It is my responsibility to inform LillaKo of any changes to my health and my ability to safely undertake exercise.

I agree that neither I, my heirs, assigns or legal representatives will sue or make any other claims of any kind whatsoever against LillaKo for any personal injury, property damage/loss, or wrongful death, whether caused by negligence or otherwise.

Please contact LillaKo directly via the contact page for more information.