Life Coaching


I work with women at all ages. Those who want to transition into mum life, to feel re-connected with their bodies after having babies and re-discover their passions. Those who are struggling with the transition into menopause and need to feel re-invigorated and set new goals.

Whether you are looking forward to your first pregnancy, or those years are well behind you I can help you set goals and create an action plan to achieve them.

The women I work with want accountability, strategy, experience and support. They want real-talk, and someone who is passionate about women’s health and wellness. There is nothing off limits in our coaching sessions!

Through online coaching we look at your lifestyle, medical history, your diet, your fitness, relationships, pregnancy/baby history and your mindset. We dive into the ways you self-sabotage, what your fears are, what you find most challenging and how to overcome it.

I have spent the past decade learning about bodies, babies, exercise, nutrition and mindset and I offer it all to you in my online life coaching package.

What is the investment? 

This commitment can be the start of beautiful, big change.

However, change will not happen overnight. Coaching packages are a minimum 3 month commitment so we can really dive in and create a strategy unique to you.

All coaching packages include an introductory phone call, unlimited email support, access to the private facebook community plus fitness, mindset, motivation resources. Plus any resources I can provide which are specific to you. I am in your corner every step of the way.


Investment: Fortnightly sessions via skype/zoom. $199 per fortnight

(5% discount offered for up front payment)

How this all came to be...

Before my life as a personal trainer, I was a competitive karate kid, dance teacher, actor, sports model, you name it I’ve done it!

I later trained and worked as a paramedic (and still do to this day), and was getting an incredible insight into what goes on behind closed doors. I saw first hand the struggles families are facing daily and how our current model of "healthcare" operates.

My fitness coaching career lasted 10 years before I burntout. I had neglected my own self-care, nutrition and my lifestyle simply wasn’t aligned with my values, goals and dreams. Not to mention, women were constantly coming to me with issues that highlighted the need for more education around pregnancy, post-baby healing and menopause.

They needed to know how to continue training through those major life changes. They needed to talk about the impact these changes had on their relationships. They needed to know which health professionals to turn to and when. They needed someone experienced who prioritised health over aesthetics.

So I studied further, adding life coaching to my repertoire, reading extensively, talking to experts and discovering how to best serve these women. I invested in myself by hiring a coach, and I focused on merging my different “hats” in healthcare, fitness, pilates and life coaching. I developed a unique system of serving women through their baby bearing years and beyond, and I have not looked back. 

If you're feeling a little curious, get in touch below.