Life Coaching


I work with women who:

- crave a healthier, happier lifestyle

- want to take back control of their body, diet and exercise habits

- need to get back into a healthy weight range safely and permanently

- have women’s health issues such as pelvic floor dysfunction and endometriosis

- care about the impact of their choices on their family, community and planet

- want to finally invest back in themselves

Already have questions? I would so love for you to send me an email.

Ready to invest in yourself? 

All coaching packages include an introductory phone call, unlimited email support, access to the private facebook community plus loads of fitness, mindset, motivation and nutrition resources.

    Package 1: 6 x skype or phone coaching sessions over 12 weeks   $380 per month
            Package 2: Single session consultation plus 2 x follow ups $200 total  

Do you want to lose weight, create healthy family mealtimes, learn to exercise efficiently, and ditch the stress around food? Do you want to make conscious, compassionate food and lifestyle choices? Let’s go!

How this all came to be...

During my school years I became a competitive karate kid, and was even part of a travelling physical theatre show for children. I went to circus school in Sweden, and returned to work as a dance teacher. I went on to study acting and found my way into personal training and pilates instructing. I even had my time on stage as a figure model… 6 layers of tan later! All of this was priceless education. Constant learning from some of the best coaches and facilities around the world.

I also trained and worked as a paramedic (and still do to this day), and was getting an incredible insight into what goes on behind closed doors. I saw first hand the struggles families are facing daily and how our current model of "healthcare" operates.

My fitness coaching career lasted 10 years before I burntout and made the tough decision to leave. I had neglected my own self-care, nutrition and my lifestyle simply wasn’t aligned with my values, goals and dreams. Not to mention, women were constantly coming to me with issues that went so much deeper than what I could offer as a personal trainer.

So I studied further, adding life coaching to my repertoire. I invested in myself and my business. I got myself a coach, and I focused on online life coaching, events and workshops. I put into practice my own signature lifestyle changes, and I have not looked back. 

If you're feeling a little curious, get in touch below.