5 Thoughts on Pregnancy

I’ve only been there once. Pregnant, that is. One pregnancy, one baby, one experience, but it was mine. It was horrendous at times, but perfect overall.

Before then and since I’ve coached so many women who are pre/during/post pregnancy and I can say hand on heart that each one was different. Each one taught me lessons about myself, about the human body, the physical and mental process of pregnancy, and how to be a better coach each time. Each woman coped differently and had vastly different expectations.

When it comes to pregnancy and parenting, even just adulting…we’re all making it up as we go. You’re not falling short in any way, I promise you.


Some of you are planning every last little detail. You’ll need to know the sex, have the room perfect, have the birth planned and your recovery mapped out. You’ll need to have the best car seat, the 5 star rating bassinet and do it all by the rules. I love that about you.

Some of you will take the “it’ll happen in it’s own way” approach. Your plan will include figuring it out as you go. The sex will be a surprise and the name will come later. I high five you.

Some of you are going through this for your first, second…..fifth time. I salute you all.

Some of you are going through pregnancy again, not knowing if it will result in a baby in your arms. Like times before, you’re filled with fear instead of excitement. I support you.

Some of you are wondering whether to continue trying. Each time a friend makes their announcement, you wish it was you. I’m always here to listen to you.

Women who hike together stay together... but seriously, celebrate and support each other. 

Women who hike together stay together... but seriously, celebrate and support each other. 

We can only do the best we can. We are so overloaded by “experts”, information and rules that it’s no wonder so many of us feel anxious, guilty and less than perfect.

The following 5 points are for you to read and remember whenever you feel like you haven’t quite got it together.

1.       You are an incredible woman, and there are so many who support you.

2.       Trust your instincts

3.       If social media has you confused, anxious and overwhelmed with information…de-activate!

4.       You are capable of so much more than you realise

5.       Take some time regularly to really re-connect with yourself, partner/children/family


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