3 Tips To Manage Weight Gain

You know what I mean. One day you try on a pair of jeans and have to do some serious belly-dancing to get into those suckers.

"What?! These fit perfectly! When did this happen?"


They're on!

But I can't....move...

It happens. For a myriad of reasons, the weight can creep up. Sometimes we know it's happening, but we cover our ears, sing "LALALALALALA" and pretend it just isn't real. Other times, like the jeans episode, we may simply not realise. That can be surprising, at best. 

I hear you: weight gain can absolutely be a great thing and weight is not the be all and end all. I'm talking weight gain that tips us over into the unhealthy category. The kind that occurs thanks to poor lifestyle choices, the kind that can so often be a symptom of unhappiness. My philosophy is all about lifestyle change, no crash dieting, no "cleanse" diets or detoxes. I want you to learn how to create a healthy life for you and your family and LOVE that amazing body of yours.


Pug Life...

It doesn't have to be all sad faces and pie deprivation!

You essentially have two options. 

1. Wallow, cry, crash diet, binge. See above for cute pug example.

2. Own it, acknowledge it, action plan the shit out of it! See below for step-by-step instructions.





Strip down naked or to your knickers, stand in front of the mirror. Allow any negativity to pour out, release that shit. Then start saying (yes, out loud) the beautiful things about your body and about you as a person. Compliment yourself. This can be very confronting for some people so give yourself lots of time, privacy (well, duh) and space. This places you in an amazingly positive new headspace.



You need to take a good, hard look at your families eating habits. Keep a food diary for one week. This is going to really shine a light on your nutrition.

A few simple things to aim for:

- 3 large handfuls of vegetables daily (most of us don't hit that target) 

- water in place of juice/soft drink  

- minimal packaged/processed stuff

- look up some inspiring bloggers/recipes and start getting creative in the kitchen

Focus on one thing at a time, implement it for 2 weeks and then add in the next. This is about longterm, healthy change. PS People often ask me what my "food day" looks like. I am a lover of plant-based eating, I highly recommend you do some research into it's benefits for our health and the planet.


Family meals...

Are such a great way to learn about food, learn how to cook, and more importantly...to learn about each other.


They count. Every time you move your beautiful body, it counts. Exercise is exercise. Your body doesn't know if you are at the gym lifting weights, or carrying 57 bags of shopping while wrangling toddlers. So here are a few ways you can get "your little bit" in...

- Play with the kids (run, wrestle, throw them around, chase the ball, "aeroplane" them, it all counts)

- Park the car at the further end of the car park. Just bloody do it. 

- Next time you get a coffee, get it to takeaway and walk with it. Window shop, stroll the park/beach, drive somewhere nice. 


Coffee & Walk...

I highly recommend not walking while drinking coffee...bad times. Also, be sure to invest in a reusable coffee cup to do your other "little bit".

I create tailored, longterm solutions for women who need a total lifestyle overhaul. We address nutrition, fitness, mindset and goal setting. If you would like some more information on how their lives are changed, and how yours can be too, get in touch here.