What Do Fitness Gurus Eat?

I was lucky enough to be featured in the latest article by mydeal.com.au all about healthy eating.  Even luckier to be alongside such fantastic other women and fitness professionals. Take a peek below...


Ellie McMahon | Lillako Coaching


With a training background in martial arts, dancing, circus and weight training there's few things that Ellie can't do. She's a pilates powerhouse and personal trainer who is all about training women and girls to be fitter, stronger and more in love with their bodies. 

“Breakfast is quite late, I fast until around 9am.
Rye toast with veg (avocado, tomato, spanish onion, radish) OR
Protein smoothie with banana, greens, almond milk, plant-based protein powder”

“Buddha bowl of brown rice, lentils or tofu, cabbage, baby spinach, alfalfa, roasted beetroot and tahini.”

“Homemade pizza with cauliflower bases (I pre-make a stack and freeze them), biocheese, spanish onion, mushroom, capsicum, tempeh, cashew cream sauce.”

Snacks & Treats
“Black coffee (more of a survival item), tamari roasted almonds, seasonal fruit, corn chips, coconut water. I aim for a minimum of 2L water daily.”

“My guilty pleasure would be a glass of wine, a piece of raw dark chocolate, catching up on the latest episode of my reality TV of choice or Vanity Fair magazine.”
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Kimmy Smith | Kimmy Smith Fit


Kimmy knows how hard it can be to love your body after a baby, which is why she's so committed to inspiring mums to get fit through exercise and positive thinking.

“As a busy Mum, each meal is an opportunity to nourish my body with healthy food. I don’t often get a chance to sit down for a large meal, so I will eat 3-4 smaller meals during the day and try to eat my more nutrient dense meals in the morning. I love to have a light dinner as it helps me to have a good night’s sleep.”

7AM Breakfast + Coffee
“During summer I alternate between a nourishing smoothie or a coconut yoghurt + granola bowl. Some of my favourite smoothie recipes are here!”

11AM Morning Tea
“I enjoy some home made banana bread or a bliss ball with a green tea.”

1PM Lunch
“A salad with baby spinach, lots of veggies, avocado, feta, nuts and some form of protein.”

6PM Dinner
“Often a green soup or fish + simple salad.”

7PM Sweet Treat
“I’ll have a cup of chamomile tea to help prepare my body for rest and a square or two of dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is my guilty pleasure and I have some every day without fail!”
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Alicia Fistonich | Move The Weight


Alicia is a mother and personal trainer who loves helping her clients achieve their best. She's all about finding the right mindset so that positive weight loss and health will follow. 

“Breakfast is usually Carmen's untoasted muesli with berries,chobani yoghurt and a protein shake (and coffee!)”

“Usually meals I've prepped and frozen, this week it is a chicken breast stir fry with frozen green vegetables, sweet potato, honey soy packet mix, Coles canned 4 bean mix.”

“Usually meat like steak, salad and veggies we cook in the airfryer like beetroot, carisma and sweet potato.”

Snacks & Treats
“I eat chocolate every day, mostly lindt and at the moment I fip between mint and salted caramel, being that it’s coming into easter those mini Malteser bunnies are pretty good too.

I eat a fair bit of fruit, the stone fruit at the moment is awesome! Carmen's nut bars and vegemite and cottage cheese on corn thins is another favourite.”
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MyDeal Pro Tip:

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Lizzy Williamson | Two Minute Moves


Lizzy is an author, speaker and personal trainer. Her health and fitness guide, Two Minute Moves, is perfect for anyone who thinks they don't have time for exercise.

“Breakfast has to be something fast as I’m juggling personal training clients with getting two girls off to school. I’m a massive green smoothie fan as I can always take it with me if I don’t get to finish it at home. Kale, a banana, some berries and coconut water - so quick and easy.”

“Lunch is in a jar so it can be prepped beforehand. That way if I’m rushing around too much I’ve got no excuse not to have a nourishing salad. The jar is filled with leafy greens, raw veggies, something crunchy like cashew nuts and pepita seeds, feta cheeses and canned tuna.”

“I always keep it simple with some grilled fish, sweet potato chips and salad.”

Snacks & Treats
“I’m a total chocoholic so I always make my own which takes me 2 minutes - it’s so easy and is a great dinner party trick! People love this recipe so much I included it in my book, Two Minute Moves.”
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Jill Healy-Quintard | Body & Balance


Jill has over 30 years experience in the fitness and wellness industries so it should be no surprise she won the Innovation for Health and Wellness award in 2017. Her classes include Yoga, Pilates, Zumba and Cardio Dance Fusion. 

“I am a semi faster 6 days a week and have my cheat day on Sunday and this is what I encourage clients to do to lose weight and maintain weight loss. It does work.”

“Morning (8:00-12-noon)
Glass of cool or warm water with a slice of lemon.
Turmeric Latte
Regular Latte
Water during classes.”

“Midday - A Pea Protein shake with added chia seeds or nuts, or tablespoon of oats, barley or other grains”

“Evening (7:00pm) Normal meal of Fish, Salad or Vegetables (any amount but not white potato)”

Snacks & Treats
“Afternoon (4:00pm): Second Shake or protein
Before bed (9:00pm): Piece of fruit and a herb tea.”

“No alcohol during the week, but my personal weakness is Champagne and that is the beginning of my cheat day on Saturday evening.”

“Sunday I basically eat what I like, but I find that I can’t fill up too much, due to the weekly fasting, but I don’t restrict what type of food I eat.”
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Eating healthily at every meal is as easy as you make it. Now that you have some inspiration why not try one of these fitness gurus daily diets and find out what feeling fit, full and vibrant is all about.

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