Women's boxing in Adelaide: here to stay.

Adelaide's south side is a sleepy little hollow at the best of times. It has that coastal, take-it-easy vibe which is why so many (myself included) choose to call it home. It's also why outdoor fitness is so popular. It's fast resembling a pre-green-smoothie-revolution Bondi, which I love.

Stair sprints are one of my favourite exercises. Great for a short, sharp workout.

Stair sprints are one of my favourite exercises. Great for a short, sharp workout.

From what I've observed, fitness in Adelaide is like a baby. A little awkward as it figures out it's style and place, but wonderful to watch, and growing fast. 

As for my place in the grand scheme of things, specialising in women's beach bootcamps and boxing in Adelaide is a dream come true. It's a far cry from my early days of running bootcamps in Bondi Beach and Canberra. The clientele, the energy, the locations are all so different and unique. This is not a job, it's a lifestyle and a passion. Personal training in Adelaide was the dream that brought me here, beach bootcamps are what have kept me. 


When it comes to the sessions themselves, they have specific health and fitness goals. To encourage active, outdoor living, maintain a healthy weight and to teach outdoor strength training with minimal equipment. No gym, no worries. 

Our 30 minute sessions involve HIIT (high intensity interval training), core strength training, tabata style training, circuit training and traditional boxing techniques. The sessions are run by a Punchfit Instructor (me!), so women are guaranteed to be in capable hands and delivered a safe yet challenging session every time. We use SMAI boxing gear and high quality bootcamp equipment which is used for agility drills, strength, running, core work and more.

I'm so proud that Lillako is establishing itself as a leader in women's boxing in Christie's Beach and Port Noarlunga. OK I'll spill...there are some undisclosed locations to come. Sessions are for all fitness levels and promise to be physically challenging, social, supportive, efficient and set on some of the most stunning beaches in Australia. I've made my way up and down the East coast of our diverse country and wouldn't want to settle anywhere else.

Getting Lillako fit means getting strong, physically and mentally. It means being active for life, it transforms bodies through outdoor fitness, specialising of course in our boxing for women. This young brand has brought a new face to boxing in Adelaide and to women's fitness.

To book your free trial session, click here. If you would like to know a bit more, get in touch with me and I'll get back to you soon. For those unable to commit to face to face training, I also coach women Australia-wide via online coaching.