Weightloss is not Linear

Are you trying to lose weight right now? Do you know you need to shed a few kgs but just can’t seem to make it happen? Have you put it in the too hard basket? You’ve tried everything and NOTHING WORKS? Are you hunting for a quick program/detox/plan to help you get over that first hump?


I am speaking directly to you. To those of you who have had to hear from your loved ones that they fear for your health. To those of you who’ve had the chat with your Dr and been told you need immediate change. To those of you who have woken up one day and thought “what the hell happened here?” It creeps up. However, you are worth the body and lifestyle you crave and I want to reassure you about one critical thing.

Weight loss is not linear. No goal is. Let me explain what I mean.

When picturing and planning weight loss, we think it goes a little something like this:

1.       Create a plan/diet/fitness program, whatever that looks like for you.

2.       Get stuck in like you’re on a mission and go hard.

3.       Start seeing results and feeling amazing

4.       The weight has been lost, now life is good again and I can live happily ever after

Following a beautifully consistent line graph that climbs higher and higher until you eventually arrive at your destination. I know this because I’ve trained countless women over the past decade to lose weight. Not to mention my friends, family members (and me) who have embarked on weight loss journeys (sorry, I should have a J word warning) far too often.

Together we’ve lost hundreds of kilos! I’ve coached them in a physical sense using cardio, HIIT, weights, bootcamps, boxing, nutrition and more. However, I guarantee you it comes to a halt the day you plateau. That is, it stops. Your body has done it’s job, it has adapted. The progress you were loving so much seemed to fizzle and suddenly you’re wondering “if I just eat cabbage for a few days” or “I guess detoxing with lemons would work”. Wink, wink.


Our bodies are brilliant, adaptable machines and they will strive to maintain a state of equilibrium by adapting to new conditions like a diet or increased exercise. They are not stuck in a steady state at any one time. They go through fluctuations in hormone levels and stress, they adjust our immune system to suit our current state, they self-heal and can develop intolerance to foods and substances without warning. They are incredible!

When you start to look closer at our 11 different body systems and the way they interact with one another it gives a whole new appreciation for this “bag of bones” we’re living in. So you must appreciate that what is going on in your body is far bigger than how many biscuits you’ve eaten today or whether or not you have brown rice over white. There are processes in place that we have little or no understanding of, but still need to be grateful for.

I’ll just say it straight up, you are going to experience weightloss plateaus. Your weight will fluctuate in small ebbs and flows. Your eating and exercise habits will change with the seasons and with your emotional/hormonal/mental state. Your taste buds will change, you may retain fluid…. Expect the unexpected. Your job when all of this happens is simple:

Just. Keep. Going.

Getting to a healthy weight is important, but it will not stick if you aren’t winning in other areas of your life too. Set goals in all areas of your life and don’t forget to celebrate!

Getting to a healthy weight is important, but it will not stick if you aren’t winning in other areas of your life too. Set goals in all areas of your life and don’t forget to celebrate!

Identify the moment when you feel frustrated and ready to throw in the towel. Sit with it. Acknowledge that this change is just part of your new healthy lifestyle and your incredible body working its magic. Think about the bigger picture. If you are really stuck, have a consult with a coach to get some objective feedback and professional advice. Whatever you do, immerse yourself in the process and learn about your body. Know how it reacts to different foods. Know that you are on the right track and that you are designing the process that works for you.

That knowledge is the ultimate power, don’t ever hand it away by allowing someone else to “fix” you. Become the expert and trust the process.


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