Dinner With Us...

I used to make so much fun of my mum growing up.

“We’ve only just had breakfast mum! Why are you even thinking about dinner yet?!”

Ah children. How little did I understand.

These days, I’m the mum sitting at the bench contemplating dinner at 10am. Flicking through food magazines and books, staring at the cupboard and fridge contents. Apart from entertaining me for a while, it’s an absolute waste of bloody time. I’ve got a toddler to wrangle, clients to email and blog articles to write!

So there are a few go-to recipes I like to have in my repertoire, and there are some things you can pre-prepare in bulk to spare you time and effort.


Get baking!

One of the quickest and easiest things to do for dinner is a massive vegie bake-up. This is baby, toddler, tween, teen and adult friendly!

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    If nothing is pre-prepared, cooking can easily become a “let’s just grab some takeaway” affair. Especially if there are little ones about. I know that if I have to start from scratch, my chances of eating toast for dinner increase dramatically.

    So when you get home with the groceries, CHOP YOUR VEG!. I don’t care about the other stuff you had planned that day, you are chopping baby! Have everything grab-n-go ready.

    (Aside from chopping, you can portion things out, marinate, make some little tubs of salad dressing, make up some little fruit salads, have raw veg sticks chopped and good to go. Don’t stress though, chopping is enough to begin with.)

    Come dinner/snack times, you’ll be laughing.


Pre-chop everything.

It will make your fridge easier to navigate, your cook times shorter, and your stress levels lower.


Ok, you know those pre-chopped veggies you have beautifully laid out like a nutritious rainbow in your fridge?? Grab a stack of them (roughly a handful per person give or take) and throw in a large bowl with a little olive oil, salt & pepper, whole garlic cloves (skin on or off depending on preference) and bake.

I stick them in at around 200C and drop the temperature when they start to brown. As long as you don’t forget about them, they’re the easiest dinner around, and show me a baby who doesn’t love baked pumpkin! That golden sweetness is heaven, and the crunchy skin… yes please.

Roast veg alone is a dinner I’m happy with. However towards the end of cooking you can also add in something like vegie nuggets, marinated tofu or a stuffed field mushroom. All of which can be pre-prepared too.



is homemade fries. One of the best purchases I ever made was a potato chipper. Potatoes are such a nutritious food, hook in!


You need to do some hunting and learn some uber-simple, go-to recipes. Grab the free supermarket magazine, head to taste.com.au and start getting some inspiration. I have some requirements in a go-to recipe:

  1. Must be quick.

  2. Must be something you can throw together while holding a toddler, getting another load of laundry going, answering the phone and stacking dirty dishes.

  3. Must give a hit of fibre and have some colour. Colour equals nutrients (think vibrant veg, herbs, fruits).

  4. Lastly, as with all my meals it will be plant-based.

Want to know my 3 favourite go-tos?

CLICK HERE and ask for “recipes please”. Make sure you let me know if you have tiny tots or not ;) I will send them direct to you. No catches, no dodgy links. Just quick, nutritious dinners.

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