If week one was a stroll through the park with a gentle old labrador... week 2 was trying to take a pair of hyperactive great danes out to a coffee shop. Picture it, it's ridiculous. I had no idea how I was going to manage it, but I did.


2 weeks in...

just let me sleep in a bed of chargrilled meats (I joke, that would not be enjoyable for any party involved)

In general, I was still feeling like my skin, digestion and health were improving. However, for about 3 days I craved meat for the first time in my life, and craved it hard. I craved it at every single meal.

I wanted a burger with a steak on the side, I wanted a schnitzel topped with chicken nuggets. I wanted lamb chops fried in duck fat. You get the picture. It was shit. No other way to describe it.


Sorry lambs...

I don't mean to drool. I love you, really. 

So how did I get over it? A few different ways...

1. I addressed my nutrition. I upped my protein and took a multivitamin. 

2. I sourced some fantastic plant-based inspiration on social media. There are thousands, but two that I've become a little addicted to on Instagram are: @dereksarno and @mississippisvegan. Check them out if you love delicious food and wonderful food photography.

3. I distracted myself. Movies, emails, admin, exercise, pram walks, restoring old furniture and renovating...they keep me sorta busy.

4. I kept reminding myself that I love animals and can't imagine my life without them. So I should probably stop eating them. 

5. I continued to spend time learning how to cook great plant-based meals. I googled, I chatted, I pinterest-ed. As a lover of cooking, this was the easy part.

If your vegan meals are're doing it wrong.

If your vegan meals are're doing it wrong.

So onwards and upwards from here. Week 3 is going to be a good one, I can feel it.

I'm lucky to live in what I believe to be the vegan capital of Australia, Adelaide (and I've lived in Bondi!). If you're a lover of good food and outdoor fitness, Christie's Beach is a fast growing hub of health and fitness.

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