The post-baby body


There is so much I could say on this, but I'm trying to keep it short and to the point. Your body is wonderful. Soft around the edges is no bad thing. Giving up on exercise and good that's a bad thing.

Getting active and back into the same exercise routine can be so challenging with bubs but it is not impossible. Create new (flexible) routines, include more walking and bodyweight training and lean on the people around you to help out when you need them.

Your body reflects the way you nourish and move it. Your mental health reflects this too. Invest the time and effort into yourself so that you feel strong and fit. How exactly? After giving birth there were a few things that helped to lift me up (and remind me that like all of us, I already have a bikini body... and some awesome bikinis that I need to show off more often!)



They bring so much joy, and yet we turn on ourselves so quickly after having them. Your pre-baby body was just that: PRE-BABY. We can't get it back, and who would want to? The new one is part of this exciting, terrifying, tiring, love-filled package that is your new life.

1. Walk. Whether its round the block with the pram, up and down a flight of stairs or a gentle stroll. Get outside, move around and make it a regular event.

2. Drink water. If anyone had a fluid issue like me with pregnancy I feel for you. Ironically, keeping your water intake up will help to combat this, help keep your energy levels up and steer you away from other, sweeter options.

3. Girlfriends. guy friends. Any friends really. Meet up with friends or family, have a good belly laugh, have a wine or coffee or green tea, compliment and support each other. Share your horror stories and help each other through a pretty stressful and tiring (but wonderful) time. 

4. Mums and bubs fitness. There are loads of these bootcamps/yoga/pilates classes around now. Head to one with a bff or solo (kids in tote of course). There are some very budget friendly, even free options including Mums Exercise Groups Australia (MEGA). Look them up to find a group in your area.

The moral of the story women, is to love that gorgeous body of yours. Treat it well, with regular movement and lots of nutrient dense food.

Fresh air, regular activity, good company and great nutrition are the keys.

Fresh air, regular activity, good company and great nutrition are the keys.

Women, you do not need fixing because you are not broken
— Lillako

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