Productivity level: pro

I'll admit it...I'm distracted by shiny things, facebooky things, insta-bling, stories, emails, webinars, vlogs... Then there's the cleaning, tidying, sorting, "getting the house in order", 6 loads of laundry... Then there's that awesome idea I had! I absolutely have to drop everything and start working on it right NOW. That's if I can stop staring at my stupidly cute baby for 5 minutes. "Oh my god he did a thing!!" Seriously, how do I even dress myself sometimes?

Having a job and a family and running several businesses have taught me there must be a system. Many, in fact. To wing it when you have goals is to accept failure from the start.

So, I have a few little pearls I'd love to share that have certainly made a difference in my (very productive) life.


Admiral William McRaven of the Navy Seals gave an inspiring commencement address to the University of Texas in 2014. The address contained snippets of wisdom McRaven had learnt throughout his military career, including the importance of making your bed. 

"Making your bed will also reinforce the fact that the little things matter..."

"Making your bed will also reinforce the fact that the little things matter..."

If you make your bed in the morning, you will have achieved the first task of the day. It will give you a small sense of pride, and it will encourage you to do another, and another..."

I know that if I leave the house with a bedroom and bed in chaos, my mind is scattered from the start. Taking that minute to clear and make my bed sets the standard for the day and reassures me that I won't be coming home to world war 3.

tu-tu-322210 (1).jpg

Clear home, clear mind...

Set the standard for the day before you leave the house.




Sorry Kermit.

Eating frogs has taken me far in life.

Think of that thing you absolutely do not want to do...that phone call, admin, running errands, doing your accounting...whatever it is, that is your frog. Eat it! Get it done first thing, before you even have a chance to mull it over and start looking up goats in hats (amazing btw). Get momentum early on for a productive day.



Use them to your advantage (snapchat doesn't count)


The Pomodoro method is a fancy way of measuring out work and break intervals. It cycles 25 minutes of work with a 5 minute break. Repeat 4 times and you've earnt a 15 minute break. Download the app, and get to work. Ensure you stay focused. Ditch any unnecessary technology for the 25 minutes and stay true to course. For your information, 25 minutes is the perfect amount of time needed to eat a frog or two ;)