Mums, we've got this.

Last week I was out shopping in Adelaide, I saw a mum with a young boy of maybe 4, and a very fresh bub in the pram. The young boy was doing what adoring big brothers do… poking the baby, launching himself off the pram, scrambling under tables and yelling at the top of his lungs. This poor mum looked like she had her last good sleep years ago. She had “that look”. The glazed eyes, the exhausted sighs, the dishevelled outfit. The shop assistant and I had been chatting. We caught her eye and gave her the “you got this” nod.


Shop Assistant “Oh god I feel for her.”

ME “She’s a trooper.”

SA “I remember those days. I even bought one of those jogger prams so I could keep running…*laughter* yeah right! They don’t warn you the kid might hate the bloody thing”

ME “This shit’s hard”


The mum we were watching sat staring at nothing for a while then seemed to get a second wind and headed off. The lingering thought in my head was “mums are bloody amazing”. They are. When they have nothing left in the tank they have no option but to keep going. Keep going with a smile and a cuddle and a song, preferably with hand actions…..and a dance….with a monkey hand puppet. Just me?


Mums, you’re awesome. You’re doing an amazing job eventhough it sometimes feels like you’re taking crazy pills. Or like you need to, just to survive. They’ll never remember you crying in the shower, or not fitting into your jeans properly, or how tired you were. They’ll remember the cuddles, the smiles and their happy place (that’s you!).



When it comes to your health and fitness after bubs, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…. Make health the priority. Your body will naturally change with proper nutrition and consistent activity. Please mums, be kind to yourselves. You are doing such a wonderful job.

If you need some guidance on how to get back into training and eating well, let’s have a chat.


Ellie McMahon