Banish Back Pain

**Note if you have ongoing pain please make a visit to your health care provider or physical therapist. Ellie will work alongside other care health professionals to reduce pain and increase quality of life.**

The following exercises are essential for anyone suffering generalised back pain (and seriously, who doesn’t from time to time!). If you are spending excessive time sitting at a desk or using a computer then this is right up your alley. Maintaining good posture and moving around regularly will reduce pain, prevent injuries and even make you happier! Check out some yoga or pilates videos too, this will help teach you some core strengthening exercises which will help to re-train the body, no gym required.

While you are performing the below exercises, practice sitting and standing with perfect posture. Take your time, focus on your breathing and the stretches. Repeat the sequence as many times as you like and make sure you stand and walk around frequently during the course of your day. Time to say goodbye to back pain forever!




1.       Standing side stretch.

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Try to be as tall as possible, lengthening your head towards the ceiling. Raise your arms up into the sky, hold here for a full breath and lean over to one side, feeling a stretch down the side of your torso. Repeat other side.


2.       Shoulder rolls.

Standing or seated. Keeping your eyes forward, very slowly roll your shoulders forward for 3 circles then reverse. Make the circles as big as you can, focusing on any tight spots. Allow the arms to really hang heavy to the floor at the bottom of the movement.


3.       Seated neck stretches.

Relax your shoulders down, away from your ears. Hold here for a moment. Slowly tilt your head to the side so your ear travels toward your shoulder. Hold for 3 slow breaths and gently tilt in the opposite direction.

Now bring your head back to centre and feel how much taller you’ve become!



4.       Seated hamstring stretch.

Sitting tall, stretch your legs out in front of you. Lean forward over your legs and feel the stretch in the back of your thighs and lower back. Continue forward as far as you can go, you’ll end up slumped over your legs. Slowly return to sitting. Do not allow the head to drop down if you have any dizziness or suffer from vertigo.


5.       Wrist circles.

Stretch your arms out to the sides. Make tight fists and release, repeat x 5. Then squeeze the fists and circle the wrists 5 times each direction. Shake the arms and hands out.


6.       Wrist stretch.

Again, have arms stretched out to the sides. Flex the wrists so fingers point down towards the floor. Hold, then reverse and extend the wrists to the ceiling, fingers pointing upward. Repeat x 5.


Finish with a deep breath, and happy stretching!

Ellie is a personal trainer and pilates coach based in Adelaide. Get in touch for a personalised stretching and mobility program.