Women, we've got fitness all wrong!

I meet loads of women who aren’t happy with their bodies and health. When I speak to these women about fitness, and how they feel about their own fitness, often the energy level changes. They feel guilty for letting themselves slip, they feel self conscious because they’ve gained weight or become “softer” or get puffed going up the stairs. They beat themselves up because their bodies have changed and they’re not smashing themselves in the gym to fix it.

I’ve said it before here, and I’ll say it over and over again. Women, you do not need fixing because you are not broken. You haven’t let yourself go, and you can get to wherever you want to be.



You do not need fixing because you are not broken.

Part of why this guilt sets in is that we have fitness all wrong! We have the whole idea of a healthy lifestyle all wrong! So many things are to blame, but it can be undone. Part of the Lillako philosophy is to do just that.

So let me explain where we keep f*****g it up.

We don’t define our own goals. To say “I need to get fit” doesn’t mean a whole lot. Do you want to be able to race up the stairs without puffing as much? Do you want to compete as a bodybuilder? Do you want to lose (or gain!) some curves and flatten your tummy? Do you want to prevent disease? Be honest, what is it you mean by “get fit”? Once we have our goal sorted, it’s so much easier. You forget about how green other peoples grass is, and you work on your own.


Find your happy.

You forget about how green other peoples grass is, and you work on your own.

Next, we don’t take incidental exercise seriously. This is the exercise you do in the course of going about your day. Examples are taking the stairs instead of the elevator, giving the house a good clean, parking a little further from work to increase your walking. It’s exercise that you wouldn’t really consider exercise. But let me tell you, it goes a long way to maintaining a healthy weight, longevity, disease prevention and lowering stress.

Why do we think that exercise only counts if we wreck ourselves in the gym for an hour? All those hours of movement and activity through the day are key to healthy living. Throwing a few squats in while the kettle boils or a couple of push ups on your way out the door to work may feel pointless but keep it up. It’s doing you a world of good.

Finally, we’re not selfish enough. Women are notorious for serving others first and themselves last. By flipping this around, we actually serve our loved ones better than ever. Our best self is the one that you, and they deserve. Work on yourself each day. Do this through nutrition, rest, a bath, a book, massage, coffee, wine, a long walk, whatever it is that makes you feel more “you”.

Be kinder to yourselves women. Stop comparing. Start loving that gorgeous body you’re in.


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