Skin fitness - youthful skin in 5 steps

Your zero product skincare regime for this Summer…

Firstly, 3 things happened that changed my skin and hair completely. Not just changed a little, they went completely to s**t and I thank the following for that...

-        I moved to Queensland. First Brisbane, then the tropical Far North.

-        I turned 30 (really not as painful as I expected)

-        I had a baby 

Not exactly how I felt at the time. 

Not exactly how I felt at the time. 

These things had a horrific effect on my skin! I literally didn’t recognise myself in the mirror anymore. It got to the point where I had to get rid of my entire skincare range and start from scratch. I had to re-learn about my own skin and figure out what made it look and feel great again.

Now, I have some cosmetic and skincare products that I absolutely adore, through so much trial and error.  I’ll save them for another post. They're good, trust me. However, they come second. The most important and effective skincare solutions are completely product free. These 4 simple steps will have a visible effect on the skin, and enhance the effectiveness of further treatments you may use.


1.  Hydrate. We hear it all the time but how many of us actually drink enough water? Like, litres of it every day? If it helps, grab a 2-3L water bottle or set a “drink water” alarm in your phone. This will help to plump up cells within the skin and make the skin more pliable and youthful. Yes please.


2.  Be sun smart. Well baked skin ages quickly, not the effect we’re after. Use an SPF moisturiser, invest in great sunnies and most importantly, avoid the sun when you can. A physical barrier is the most effective, this includes clothing/shade/zinc etc followed by chemical barriers like regular sunscreens.

3.  Rest. Easier said than done I know…but sleep must be a priority. This means ditch the technology in the bedroom, keep bedtimes reasonable and get into a routine at night to train your body to unwind. Sleep plays a huge role in hormone regulation, weight management, digestion, mental health, which all take a toll on how your skin appears and feels.

4.  Exercise. We all know we should do it but for some reason it’s too hard to fit in our day, we’re too busy or we don’t enjoy it or we don’t like going to the gym. Well, exercise is simply an active lifestyle. It’s walking the dog, playing with the kids, taking a pilates or yoga class, hiring a personal trainer to train you efficiently, walking to work instead of driving… Think of it as just moving your body, increasing your heart rate and getting outdoors more often. Moving your joints in a wide range of motion (they need to extend beyond sitting, standing and walking) and getting your body to it’s healthy weight. Seriously, get a sweat up on a regular basis and watch your skin start to glow.

5.  I’ve saved the best for last. Eat your vegetables. If you have a juicer, make a fresh fruit & veg juice each morning. Seriously I’ve been asked “who does your face?” and “please tell me which moisturiser you use” after a couple weeks of daily juicing. Save your juicer pulp for cooking into smoothies, muffins, pasta sauces so you don’t lose out on all that fibre!



Keep the skin!

A high powered blender will allow you to blend fruit and veg without peeling. This adds fibre and micronutrients that you'd otherwise miss out on. 


These tips are tried, tested, true and backed by skincare professionals. They’re easy, inexpensive, and really a necessity for youthful, vibrant skin.


Ellie is a health and fitness coach based in Christie's Beach and Glenelg, Adelaide. She is taking bookings for personal training, pilates and online coaching.