The groundwork of all happiness is health.
— leigh hunt

Hi I’m Ellie, I come from a background of dance, circus, bodybuilding, acting and martial arts. I have been lucky enough to train around the world and now call this beautiful spot Adelaide home. I coach people face to face and online to become fitter, stronger and more confident versions of themselves.

As well as my years in fitness and the performing arts I am a paramedic and mum. These roles have taught me so much more about my clients and added so much value to my coaching.

Being a mum I have experienced the ups, downs, frustrations, overwhelming fear and excitement and love. I know what it feels like to feel totally lost and to wonder "who the hell am I anymore?" and think "I don't recognise this body anymore". This can happen with any major change in our bodies and it’s something I often help women face and overcome.

When it comes to coaching, I love helping people create big, scary, inspiring goals. You know, the ones that sound crazy! Of course, then working alongside you to achieve them (and celebrate!). When your mindset starts to shift, you realise the sky is the limit. That’s the magic moment.

If you’re feeling that it’s time to make a change, I've got your back. You are not alone and I would love to have a chat about working together.

My community loves to live healthy, active lives and connect in a supportive, fun way. If you want in, make sure you join the free facebook group now.

Lillako Pelvic Floor and Core Masterclass, Adelaide

Lillako Pelvic Floor and Core Masterclass, Adelaide

Check out what some of my coaching clients have had to say below:

Community involvement is at the heart of Lillako, and events are an important part of our calendar. Throughout the year Lillako teams will participate in charity fitness events and Adelaide fun runs.

Past events include:

Wild Endurance 100km Team Challenge

The Mothers Day Classic

Cupid's Undie Run

MS Fun Run

The Organ Donor Games

Sydney Morning Herald City to Surf

Bridge to Brisbane

Sri Chinmoy 10km Fun Run 

Cupid’s Undie Run

I would so love you to join me on the next one, stay updated below or head to the contact page to send me a direct email registering your interest.